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Huawei International Power Engineering Co., Ltd offers you technical services for power plant related installation and commissioning, installation and supervision of turbine and boiler equipment, and field commissioning of the equipment. We also provide you with technical support and on-site technical training. We assure you the quality of commissioning and its smooth implementation. After the project meet the requirements of the design and regulations by adjustment testing and commissioning, the installation work is accomplished, and the project is handed over to clients. We still offer you follow-up services on the equipment to ensure everything is running smoothly.
Installation project mainly includes:
1. Boiler installation, including installation of frame structure, boiler drum, water wall, superheater and reheater, coal mill, coal feeder, blower, burning device, ash removal device, pipeline and metal structures.It also includes chemical pickling and water pressure test.
2. Turbine Generator installation, including installation of generator, pipeline, water feed pump, circulating pump, condenser, deaerator, heater, the main oil tank, oil cooler and other related equipment.  
3. Coal burning equipment installation, including installation of dumper, feeder, conveyors, electromagnetic separator, track scale and other related equipment.
4. Electrical equipment installation, including installation of auxiliary power system, booster station system, computer monitoring, and automation system.
5. Other equipment installation,including bridge crane, water recycling system, communication equipment for the whole plant and other related equipment.