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Huawei International Power Engineering Co., Ltd is the company providing professional technical support for the thermal power industry. Our headquarters is located in Shandong Province in China and the branch office was set up in Indonesia in 2010 aiming at serving Indonesian power industry. So far more than 30 professional engineers work there on the long term. In order to let our clients experience more efficient and prompt service, we created an online platform that has gathered a group of elite engineers to offer professional, fast and convenient technical support to the thermal power industry. At present, our main business includes power plant design, installation&commissioning, operation training, maintenance&repair and spare parts sales.
Huawei International Power Engineering Co., Ltd sets online customer service, online questions and answers, service evaluation, information area in its engineer website; and gathers professional engineers to offer analysis and explanation on puzzling problems in turbine, boiler, electrical parts and water treatment operation; provides helpful experience for thermal power enterprises on staff operation specification training, accident anticipation, accident management, etc. We provide customers with a comprehensive network platform of learning and service. We always adhere to our service philosophy in being professional, efficient, fast and convenient, uphold our service system of solving immediate problems on electrical equipment for our customers, and insist on the tenet to treat customers difficulties as our research subject, continue to innovate enterprises operating system, hold to improve the mechanism of service, and steadily increase our production level. We have established a management service system covering all the business scope and pursuing a high quality service, a professional service and a quick service; and we also have built an international engineering corporation management service with complete functions and standard management which regard electrical service as the leading part while bringing power plant design, installation and debugging, delivery and training, breakdown maintenance and spare parts sales together.  
The safe operation of power generating equipment is closely related to national economy and people’s livelihood. Generation outage will not only cause severe damage to the company itself, but also directly affect its productivity. With the increase of unit capacity of generator, the safe operation has a vital influence on electric power system. In recent years, severe accidents of generating units have happened occasionally. So besides the strict requirement on power plant design and installation, maintenance and repairing, technical level of staff and equipment quality, a timely and effective handling of different equipment failures is of great importance to the enterprise economy.