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The breakdown of the steam turbine is one of five major severe accidents referring to power outage across the plant, large-area power cuts, main equipment damage, fire and personal death and injury. Once the turbine is damaged, it will take a long time to repair and recover the power supply. The way of effective prevention or minimization of equipment damage is largely determined by the following factors: equipment maintenance and repair techniques, operational skills, and diagnosing and handling abilities of workers toward the accident. Workers are expected to discover and solve the problem timely and effectively. In fact, there are signs before most accidents. If those signs are discovered and handled in time, the accident will be prevented or at least the loss will be greatly reduced. On the contrary, if those signs are ignored owing to the lack of operational analysis of workers, severe equipment damage will be inevitable.
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/ 2017-12-19
Boiler feed water pum0
Why boiler feed water pump side outboard high temperature?
It is common for the pump body to overheat the pump body because of the friction caused by the bearing damage, or because of the lack of oil and oil in the lubricating system. Therefore, after finding that the pump body is overheating, check whether the lubricating system is lacking in oil or lubricating oil containing impurities, and then check whether the bearing is damaged. It is necessary to check whether the rolling bearing or bracket cover is too small for the overheating of the newly overhauled pump body. Pump body after pass the inspection still fever should check whether the pump shaft is bent or two different axis center, at the same time to check the impeller balance, adjustment pump shaft or two shaft concentricity, remove the impeller balance hole, to ensure the pump shaft and the impeller rotation balance, troubleshooting.
/ 2017-11-17
See the bottom pic!! My plant capacity is 15 MW and I have maintaining always negative reactive power.Is there any problem if I maintain negative reactive power always???
Hello, sir. Negative reactive power can not allow to run in the longer time. Please adjust power factor, control it to around 80. If still have questions, please leave your name with email address and mobile number. I will contact you right away, and if needed, send our technician to help solve your problems.
/ 2016-10-05
Describe the procedure of scraping the steel pad of bush?
In the bush depression nest coat with a thin layer of red lead, under the three steel pad thereon grinding coloring the colored marks be repaired using a fine rasp or scraper blade, after three steel pad contacts simultaneously qualified, and then make the pad on the lower part steel pad thickness reduce 0.05 ~ 0.07mm, it can achieve scraping requirements. Note that identify colored marks, smear red lead oil too much is likely to cause the illusion.
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