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Second phase of 10,000 MW power project sluggish

The second phase of the country’s ambitious 10,000 megawatt (MW) electricity procurement fast-track program (FTP-2) is progressing slowly due to financing and environmental considerations, raising concerns as the country’s demand for power is on the rise.

The FTP-2 — which follows on from the first stage FTP-1 that is due to be completed next year — comprises 76 power plants with a combined capacity to produce 17,918 MW of electricity. The FTP-2 was initially scheduled for completion next year, but the deadline has been extended to 2020 to allow other plants with greater capacity to be built first.

Unlike the first stage, the FTP-2 involves the private sector, which is expected to develop 59 plants with a total capacity of 12,169 MW, or 68 percent of the program’s overall capacity. Meanwhile, state-owned electricity company PT PLN will be developing 17 power plants with a combined capacity of 5,749 MW, or 32 percent of the total.