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Power Up Indonesia, President Jokowi to Launch Ambitious 35,000 MW Electricity Projects

No doubt that Indonesian President Joko ‘Jokowi’ Widodo is fully aware of all the pessimisms surrounding his ambitious plan to build 35,000 MW power plants during his five year term that will end later in October 2019. The 35,000 MW is meant to provide significantly more electricity capacity to the current available production capacity of only 40,000 MW.

Jokowi will launch the 35,000 MW project late this April in a special ceremony designed to be a public event.

As repetitively stated by the President and his cabinet ministers, the 35,000 MW project worth Rp 1,100 trillion is absolutely required in order for the country to power up its annual economic growth to 6-7 percent by 2019. More electricity means more power for industrial estates, hotels, special economic zones and the like. This is in addition to the aim of creating more equal access to electricity for households in the less developed regions.