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Mobil Launched High-performance Gas and Steam Turbine Lubricants

ExxonMobil recently launched a new high-performance gas and steam turbine lubricants Mobil DTE ™ 732 M. As the representative of a new generation of high-performance gas and lubricating oil, Mobil DTE ™ 732 M can help improve the reliability of gas and steam turbine and enhance power output capability of various energy companies.
As the newest member of the popular Mobil DTE ™ 700 series products, Mobil DTE ™ 732 M is the result of closely working between Exxon Mobil and world-renowned equipment manufacturers with Mitsubishi Heavy Industries and is the lubrication oil specially recommended for non-gear coupling uniaxial heavy-duty gas and steam turbine and multiaxial gas turbine of MHI.
During design and development process of Mobil DTE ™ 732 M,  ExxonMobil scientists fully combined the excellent Lubricants expertise of ExxonMobil and the actual lubrication needs in gas and steam turbine produced by Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, relying on high-quality base oils and unique lubricating additive formulations to ensure high performance of lubrication. Mobil DTE ™ 732 M is in full compliance with the most stringent technical specifications of MS04-MA-CL005 of MHI.
In extensive testing and field testing, Mobil DTE ™ 732 M has shown a remarkable performance advantages:
· Excellent chemical and oxidation stability, which helps to keep the system clean and reduce the deposition in order to decrease downtime and lower maintenance costs, thereby extending the life of lubricating oil and filter;
· Greatly reducing foaming and rapid air release properties, thereby preventing the pump from cavitation, noise and erratic operation etc. and helping to reduce the replacement times of pumps and improve the efficiency of pump.
· Reducing possible film formation, which helps to improve the operational reliability and reduce maintenance costs of the turbine.
National targets on enhancing energy production capacity make the entire energy industry see an opportunity; while at the same time, national energy strategies on eliminating backward production capacity and increasing efforts of energy conservation and emission reduction also challenge all energy companies. Increasing the durability of the turbine and ensuring its high performance become the effective guarantee for many enterprises to promote their potential efficiency and enhance their overall competitiveness during the process of energy marketilization.