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Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Joins Hands with TEPCO to Investment 18 billion Yen to Build IGCC Power Plant

According to Japan's Kyodo News reported on the 24th, Tokyo Electric Power Company(TEPCO) will join hands with Mitsubishi Heavy Industries and other three Mitsubishi group companies to build two new coal-fired power facilities in Fukushima Prefecture. The total output power is about 1 million kilowatts, it is the equivalent to a nuclear power plant and will be put into operation around  2020. Under the uncertain circumstances of nuclear power policy outlook, the adequate power supply capacity can be ensured by strengthening the thermal power generation. 
According to reports, the investment is estimated to be about 300 billion yen, in addition to Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, the Mitsubishi Corporation and Mitsubishi Electric will also provide fund. Tepco’s ratio of investment is estimated to be less than 10% due to financial strength declining.
TEPCO hopes to take advantage of external capital with less funds burden to add equipment,  which happens to have the same view with Mitsubishi who desires to make a real achievement  with highly sophisticated equipment expected at home and abroad .
The new power plant will be built in Nakoso power station in Iwaki of Fukushima Prefectur of “Joban common fire company” co-financed by TEPCO and Tohoku Electric Power and Hirono  thermal power station located in the same county. One power generation equipment with output power of about 500,000 kilowatts will be built respectively.
The new power equipment will use the integrated gasification combined cycle power generation (IGCC) technology, which is more efficient and has less emission of air pollutants compared with conventional coal-fired power generation..
With long-term outage of nuclear power station, TEPCO has made the thermal power station including part low-efficient equipment run at full load operation. Due to the lower cost of coal compared with oil and liquefied natural gas (LNG), TEPCO will cut fuel consumption by increasing the proportion of coal-fired power generation.