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【According to the comprehensive report of Global Network 】  Singapore " Lianhe Zaobao" reported on November 11, the new government of Indonisia was planning to build the largest coal-fired power plant in Java. The coordinating minister for maritime affairs of Indonesia said that this power plant was expected to complete in seven years, and would be one of the world's largest similar power plants.
It is reported that this is one of the steps for Indonesian new government to significantly increase power supply in five years and gradually improve the infrastructure to promote economic development.
The minister of coordinating minister for maritime affairs of Indonesia, Dr. Indroyono Soesilo   said the capacity of thermal power plant to be built in Cilacap may reach to 5000 megawatts, the first phase project is scheduled to start in next year and will be put into operation in 2018. The aim of Joko Widodo’s government is to increase the power supply by 35000 megawatts in five years. This goal will exceed the capacity of 5800 megawatts of the world's existing largest thermal power plants.
Indroyono said about the planned power plant will be built by Java electric power company with cooperation of investors from China. The initial production capacity of the power plant is 2000 megawatts, it will have five generator units with 1000 megawatts respectively .
The minister of Energy and mining,  Sudirman said  that 5000 megawatts generating units of the new power plant will use the most advanced turbine technology to minimize the damage from coal-fired generation on environment. He said the electric power produced by the new power plant will be supplied for industrial purpose first, if there is surplus, it will be purchased by Perusahaan Listrik NEGARA(PLN).
The  national power generation capacity of Indonesia is 51980megawatts and the power demands are increased by 7% annually. In other words, the power consumption demands annually increased reaches to 5700 megawatts. The above mentioned power plant that has been planned to build for long time covers an area of 120 hectares. Due to license and land problems, the power plant cannot be started. This case is commonly seen in Indonesia, for example, Batang power generation plant aided by Japan was opposed by the public of central Java and land for the power plant could not be obtained, thus causing the plan to have been pended for many years. This kind of problem has forced Indonesia to suspend many power plants plans. If things continue this way, Java and Pulau Bali will face the energy shortage problem in 2016 at the soonest.