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DCS control system dominated field

DCS (Distributed ControlSystem) system in the thermal power generating set, the application of process control has a history of more than ten years, and is increasingly applied. DCS system in today's popular C&E MOD - 300, HONEYWELL TDC - 3000, I/AS FOXBORO, yokogawa CENTUMXL, WESTINGHOUSE WDPF, BAILEY INFI - 90, SIEMANS TELEPERM ME/XP and so on, is provided by the several major DCS vendor.
The launch of the DCS system and gradually become a leading role in the field of process control is due to the following reasons:
1. The increasingly large-scale modernization of production technology system, complicated, need to detect and control the parameters of a large increase, making traditional instrument control system is difficult to do, is bound to have a different approach.
2. The traditional instrument control system often use a number of manufacturers to provide product, makes the process required to produce a large variety of spare parts, for it spends a lot of manpower material resources, in a way and process depend on the instrument manufacturer. Also hope to change this situation.
3. The rapid development of the digital circuit technology, especially the application of large scale integrated circuit technology, the integration and the yield increased significantly, make extensive use of the microprocessor in the process control on cost possible.
4. The development of automatic control theory, especially the theory of continuous system discretization, sampling theory, the theory is greatly push forward the process control instrumentation control system from the traditional to the DCS system in the process of change.
5. The development of communication theory and technology, a number of studies on local area network (LAN) in the process of communication theory and technology has made great development and improvement of context is important influence on the development of the DCS system.
6. The development of computer application technology, especially Microsoft's WINDOWS - 95 operating system software, for the application of computer in process control system laid a foundation, has a good interface between computer and operator, the operator does not have the computer specialized knowledge is ready to accept.
7. Computer centralized control system of the inherent defects such as fault, so in order to improve reliability and need huge fees, centralized control system requires large-scale computer, the price is expensive. Relatively DCS system used in the microprocessor and microcomputer is much cheaper, fault relatively decentralized, and DCS system in a microcomputer or microprocessor is run in parallel, relative to the central control system serial operation of a computer processing speed is greatly improved, thus has higher real-time performance indicators, these are the DCS system is superior to the centralized control system and the key to get rapid development.