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70% of the Generators Imported by Pakistan is from China

Pakistan Federal Bureau of Statistics data show that in the first quarter of 2012-13 fiscal year (July 2012 to September 2012) Pakistan generator imports amounted to $ 254 million, compared with $ 189 million last fiscal year, increasing by 34.5 % over the same period. Among them, in September 2012, the generator imports was $ 80.37 million, compared with $ 60.52 million last year, increasing by 33% over the same period. Pakistan mainly imports generators from China, the United States, Japan and the UK. China's power generators occupy 70 percent of the share of imports due to low prices and complete specifications.
Importers said that despite considerable efforts, the Pakistani government failed to solve the power shortage crisis. Continuous power outage and power brownouts prompted a large number of the general public, the industrial and commercial businesses to buy generators. Power outage directly affects product output and exports, resulting in loss of income and employment decline, the industrial and commercial businesses are the main force in buying generators. The  importers predict power shortages will continue in Pakistan and in the coming months, generators imports may continue to rise.