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Describe the lead wire method of measuring the gap of cylindrical and oval bush

Two long 50- 80mm, and lead wire that diameter is bigger 0.5mm than the gap of top parts, cross on the top of the front and rear parts of the bearing neck, note to avoid the oil sump of the center of upper bush, and then assembly upper bush, and tight combination surface bolts, after the bonding surfaces are pressed against, and then do decomposition and remove lead wire, with a micrometer measure the wire thickness which is equal to the gap of the top part of bush. If on the bush combination surface, but also put the lead wire, then on the bearing neck diameter where the lead wire is, should further increase the number of lead wire combination surface diameter , and finally measure the both sides lead wire with a micrometer, taking the thickness difference is the gap value of the top of the bush. Note that the bolt of the bush combination bolts do not be too tight